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National Highways (N.H.)

National Highway Sector in the State of Meghalaya is having 6 National Highways namely, NH-44 and NH-44 (Extn.), NH–40 and 40 (Extn.), NH-51, NH-62, NH-127B, Jowai Bypass and The Shillong Bye Pass covering a total Length of 1124.39 Km, out of which 753.13 Km is maintained by State P.W.D. and 214.56 Km is maintained by N.H.A.I. and 156.70 Km is maintained by NHIDCL

NH - 44 The Meghalaya portion of NH-44 starts from Shillong- (Civil Hospital Km 0.00) and terminates at Malidhar (Km. 173/325) for a total length of 173.325 km and Jowai Bypass of 7.997Km. The stretch of NH-44 from Km 69/200 (Jowai) to Km 173.325 (Malidhar) is under the Jurisdiction of N.H.A.I. The portion of NH-44 which is maintained and looked after by the State P.W.D. is good condition except at very few stretches where pot holes have developed due to plying of heavy loaded coal truck and trucks carrying essential commodities etc., to the neighbouring states of Assam, Tripura, Mizoram etc.

NH - 40E  Dawki-Amlarem-Jowai road start from Km 162/100 (Dawki) and terminates at Km 216/500 (Jowai). Currently, widening to 2-lane with paved shoulder of the road from Km 208/000 to 214/000 is under construction.

NH - 40 NH- 40 starts from 0/00 (Jorabat) and terminates at Tamabil (Dawki) on the Indo - Bangla border covering a total distance of 163.00 kms. This National Highway (NH-40) consists of 2 (two) sections namely the Guwahati -Shillong (G.S.) section and the Shillong – Tamabil (S.T.) section. Guwahati - Shillong Road (G.S Road) of NH 40 has been upgraded from Km 0/00 to Km 61/800 to 4 (four) lane and this portion has been entrusted to the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) by the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India.and the condition of the road is good.Portion of NH-40 from Barapani (61.800 Km) to Tamabil (163.00 Km) is a two lane road and is still under the maintenance of the State P.W.D. and improvement of riding quality with Bituminous Macadam (B.M.) and Bituminous Concrete (B.C.) as well as Periodical Renewal of this stretch are sanctioned by the Ministry from time to time and implementation of the sanctioned work is being taken up by the State P.W.D. And the condition of the road is fairly good. The stretches of this road from 82 to Km 163.00 which also includes construction of Dawki Bridge ,has been included under Japan International Cooperation Agency (J.I.C.A.) funding and the work is being implemented by National Highway Infracture Development Coperation Limited.

NH-44E:  Shillong – Nongstoin Road – NH-44E starts from Upper Shillong (At junction point at Km 10/00 of NH-40 Shillong – Tamabil Section) and ends at Nongstoin (Km 93/00) with a total length = 84.29 Km and the condition of the road is good as the Government of India, under MORTH have selected this road for 2-laning of Shillong Nongstoin section of NH-44E and Nongstoin- Tura State road under SARDP-NE Phase-A and the work was originally sanctioned on 09.12.2010 amounting to Rs 1494.48 Crore and the estimate have been revised on 09.08.2016 amounting to 2319.44 Crores and the extended time for completion of this project is 31.03.2017.

NH-51  The Meghalaya portion of N.H. -51 starts from 21/870 (Bajengdoba) and terminates at 148/282 (Dalu) and the road is maintained by Meghalaya P.W.D The overall stretch of NH-51 (Meghalaya portion) is in fairly good condition except for some minor pot-holes which are being regularly maintained by the department annually. The stretches of this road from Km 85 to Km 95 and Km 101 to Km 145 has been included under Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) funding and the feasibility study for widening to two lane including geometric improvement is conducted by M/S Theme Engineering Services, Jaipur.

NH-62  NH 62 covers a total length of 195.400 Km starts from Km 8.60 Km (Dudhnoi) to Km 204/000 (Dalu). The Government of India in the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, New Delhi through the Government of Meghalaya has taken various initiatives for the development of this National Highway. This National Highway has also been included for Improvement to 2-lane with paved shoulder/4-laning of NH-62 from Assam/Meghalaya border (Dudhnoi) to Dalu via Baghmara under Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) funding for a total length of 195Km and the DPR for the same is under preparation by M/S Stanley Consulting. NH-62 is still having many Semi Permanent Timber (SPT) Bridges which requires annual maintenance and efforts are being made to convert all these SPT Bridges to Permanent RCC Bridges by submission of proposals to Ministry and the Ministry has sanctioned some of the estimates for conversion and maintenance of the Bridges. Request for proposal (RFP) to be invited by Ministry for the Construction of R.C.C. Br Number 141/6 and 141/8, 179/1 including approaches and subway on NH-62 in the State of Meghalaya and Construction of R.C.C. Br Number 127/10, 163/9, 172/1, 182/1, 182/2 & 183/4 including approaches and subway on NH-62 in the State of Meghalaya on Engineering Procurement and Construction (E.P.C.) Mode.

NH-127B  The Meghalaya portion of NH 127B starts from Nidanpur in Assam-Meghalaya border connecting Phulbari, Tura, Baldam, Rongram, Rongjeng, Nongstoin and terminating at Sohpian which is located at 75th Km of NH-44-E (New NH-106).This road passes through 4(four) Districts, namely, - West Garo, South West Garo, East Garo and West Khasi Hills of Meghalaya. The total length of New NH-127B is 316.846 Km, but the alignment of the road overlap with NH-51, NH-62 and some portion of construction work are undertaken under SARDP-NE Phase-A. The alignment of the road starts initially from rolling terrain and the major portion passes mainly through a hilly terrain wherein the road geometrics are full of curves. Besides above, the road is aligned mainly in the lower part of the hills and the road has to cross numerous rivers/streams which will involve construction of Major/Minor bridges and culverts. Consultancy services for preparation of Detailed Project report for "Two Lane with paved shoulder of New National Highway 127B from Km 0.00(Assam-Meghalaya Border) to Km 93.83 (Tura) (Total Length = 93.83 Km)" was awarded to E.D.M.A.C. Engineering Consultants(I) Private Limited, on 08 August, 2015.

The Shillong Bye-Pass   The Shillong Bye-pass starts at Km 61/800 of Guwahati Shillong Section of NH-40 and the terminates at 'Mawryngkneng' at Km 34/900 of Shillong Jowai section of NH-44. The alignment passes through rolling and mountainous terrain of Ri-Bhoi District and East Khasi Hills District with a total length of 48.760 Km. The Shillong Bye pass was completed on 25.03.2013 and the road was opened to traffic on the same day.