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No Objection Certificate

Service station

No objection certificate for opening of Petrol Pump or Service Station like vehicle service station, workshop etc can be issued by the Executive Engineer concern, in-charge of the road. Application on plain paper should be submitted to him along with a map showing the lay out of the service station, name of land owner, adjacent P.W.D. roads, distance from the road formation, arrangement of parking for vehicles, approach road etc The drawing should be made to scale and must be submitted in triplicate or as directed by the Executive Engineer. Applicants name, address, phone number etc should be clearly mentioned.

In case permission is sought on National Highways the Executive Engineer in-charge of the road will forward the same to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, Government of India, New Delhi for according necessary approval.

Approach to Road

Application for construction of an approach road connecting to the P.W.D. road should be made to the Executive Engineer, In-charge of the road along with a site plan showing the P.W.D. road, premises to which the approach road will connect and chainage of the P.W.D. road where it will join. The cross-drainage structures on the approach road should be shown clearly. Map to be submitted in triplicate.

Laying pipe

For laying of water pipe line, electrical cables, telephone cable or any other type of cables, pipes, electric posts, telephone posts etc prior permission from the Executive Engineer concerned must be obtained in writing after making necessary payments as may be estimated by P.W.D. Digging of P.W.D. roads damages the well stabilized road structures and therefore permission will be granted after receipt of payments towards repairing costs as may be estimated.

Cross-drainage works

Before construction of any cross-drainage works adjacent to P.W.D. roads the Executive Engineer concern should be consulted and "No objection certificate" from him should be obtained.

Cinema Houses

No-objection certificate and fitness certificate for Cinema Halls/ Theatre Hall can be issued by the following officers.

No Objection Certificate for cineman halls
Place Authorized P.W.D. Officer
Shillong Executive Engineer,P.W.D. (Roads) 
Shillong Central Division, Shillong
Jowai Executive Engineer, P.W.D. (Roads)
Jowai Central Division, Jowai
Nongstoin Executive Engineer, P.W.D. (Roads)
Nongstoin Division, Nongstoin
Nongpoh Executive Engineer, P.W.D. (Roads)
Nongpoh Division, Nongpoh
Tura Executive Engineer, P.W.D. (Roads)
Tura North Division, Tura
Williamnagar Executive Engineer, P.W.D. (Roads)
Baghmara Executive Engineer, P.W.D. (Roads)
Baghmara Division, Baghmara