Logo of the Department

Pradhan mantra gram sadak yojana (P.M.G.S.Y.)

For implementation of road works under P.M.G.S.Y. programme, the State P.W.D. created a P.M.G.S.Y. Cell in the year 2003. This also functions as the State Rural Roads Development Agency (S.R.R.D.A.), a registered society under the Societies Registration Act, as required by the P.M.G.S.Y. Guidelines. The S.R.R.D.A. is headed by the Chief Executive Officer who is the Secretary P.W.D. (R and B). He also oversees the entire P.M.G.S.Y. implementation across the State. Chief Engineer (Standard) functions as the Executive head, and is also designated as Empowered Officer, S.R.R.D.A.. He is assisted by the Nodal Officer of the rank of Additional Chief Engineer. There are 7 (seven) Dedicated Project Implementation Units (D.P.I.Us) in the 7 (seven) District, of which 5 (five) are dedicated and another 2 (two) are Executive Engineers of Divisions and in-charge as DPIU. The S.R.R.D.A. is further strengthened by supporting officers such as State Quality Co-ordinator (also the Nodal Officer, S.R.R.D.A. and Addl. Chief Engineer, Eastern Zone), I.T. Nodal Officer, Financial Controller, Nodal Officer (Procurement), Nodal Officer (Environment and Social) who are all holding dual charge in addition to their normal duties.

There are no P.M.G.S.Y. Circles and hence no Superintending Engineers. The present SEs of Tura, Williamnagar, Eastern, Western and Jaintia P.W.D. circles function as District Project Coordinators.

P.M.G.S.Y. was implemented in Meghalaya from 2000-2001 with the funding for completion of erstwhile B.M.S. Schemes totaling 208 in number. This was termed as Phase I. An amount of 34.95 crores for 468.81 km of road length was released for Phase I schemes.

Since inception of Regular P.M.G.S.Y. in Meghalaya from 2001 to 2013, the G.O.I. have sanctioned 645.24 Km of road under four subsequent phases of works at an amount of 27228.00 Lakhs and benefitting 230 eligible habitations. At present, 223 habitations had been connected which includes 182 targeted eligible habitions and 41 incidental eligible habitations with a road length of 608.45 Km.

Meghalaya is one of the eight states selected under World Bank funded P.M.G.S.Y. Rural Roads Project-II (RRP-II) The process of Road Connectivity is being accwlerated through World Bank Funding under Rural Roads Project II. The State was accorded sanction in three tranches to the tune of 81042.00 Lakhs. This includes 290 road works for a length of 1112.839 Km and 36 long span bridges covering 297 eligible habitations. At present 71 road works covering a length of 318.712 Km has been completed and 48 habitations have been connected.