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Non-Lapsable Central Pool of Resources (N.L.C.P.R.)

The N.L.C.P.R. projects are funded by the Ministry of DONER. The proposals are approved by the Minister P.W.D. and the concept papers are sent to the Planning Department Government of Meghalaya for onward transmission to the Ministry of DONER. Once the projects are approved / retained by Ministry of DONER, the State P.W.D. prepares the D.P.R. The funding pattern is 90% Central Share and 10% is State Share.

The Ministry of DONER sends the D.P.Rs to the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways for their technical approval before according Administrative Approval. For big projects usually empanelled consultants are engaged for preparation of D.P.R. The Ministry of DONER does not allow keeping provision for consultancy and as such the State P.W.D. bears the cost for the same, keeping provision in the P.W.D. Budget for making necessary payments to the consultants. As on 01-01-2017, there are 12 numbers of on-going schemes having a Bank of Sanction of 5216.134 lakh.

Central Road Fund (C.R.F)

The Central Government in the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways, New Delhi has formulated various programmes for maintenance and improvement of State Highways and Major District Road in the state under Central Road Fund schemes. The Central Road Fund (C.R.F) scheme is a centrally sponsored scheme which is 100% funded by the Central Government. This fund is generated through an explicit cess on fuel. CRF scheme is normally taken up for construction of missing bridges, Cross drainage works, Rehabilitation of bridges, Improvement, Widening and Strengthening of weak pavement sections etc.

As on 01-01-2017, there are 9 numbers of on-going schemes having a Bank of Sanction of5403.55 lakh.