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Achievement during Road Development Plan

The road length at the time of creation of Meghalaya in 1972 was only 2786.68 km only which has gone upto 9666.848 Km as on 31st march 2015 and the road density increased from 12.35 km per 100 square kilometer to 43.10 km per 100 square kilometer;.

Category and District-wise break up of road length as on 31st March 2015 are given in the following Table I and Table II.

Table I
Road Length Of Meghalaya P.W.D.(Roads) As On 31.3.2015
Category-wise General Abstract
Serial Number Category Length (Kms)    
Black-topped Gravelled Kutcha Total Remarks
1 National Highways 1205.338 0 0 1205.338 1. This includes 61.80Kms of NH-40, 104.125Kms of NH-44 & 48.76Kms of Shillong Bye Pass maintained by NHAI.
2 State Highways 725.39 26.2 0 751.59 2. Road density =3D 43.10 Km/100sq km.
3 Major District Roads 1222.244 123.48 88.18 1433.904 3. R.C.C. Bridge=3D22666.75 Rm.
4 Other District Roads 2091.5 300.782 906.955 3299.237 4. S.P.T. Bridges =3D9566.25 Rm.
5Village Roads (State)956.185162.562953.462072.207 
6Village Roads (P.M.G.S.Y.)161.731387.490549.221 
7Urban Roads326.82717.84610.678355.351 
 Total =3D6689.2151018.361959.2739666.848
Table II
Road Length Of Meghalaya P.W.D. (Roads) As On 31.3.2015
District-wise General Abstract (Figures in kms)
Name of DistrictNational HighwaysState HighwaysMajor District RoadsOther District RoadsVillage Roads (State)Village Roads (PMGSY) Urban RoadsTotal
East Khasi Hills190.32178.55300.698696.578571.66680.089205.1382123.04
West Khasi Hills170.9856.388.535410.18343.414107.21414.7771191.4
South West Khasi Hills086.87129.02106.46156.206300508.556
East Jaintia Hills92.3250192.75292.94743.4936.60658.112
West Jaintia Hills92.410994.46628.506131.52153.4643.4131152.76
Ri Bhoi87.130161.41457.765110.72457.650904.649
West Garo Hills255.25819680.961252.097280.11382.3960.1551206.974
East Garo Hills126.4208343.5421.1820.8331.868326.838
North Garo Hills40.530117.17210.3113.22719.430500.657
South Garo Hills12982.49254.844175.865130547.109
South West Garo Hills21.004112.4793.9146.02124.80148.5580546.753